Lym Moreno


Lym Moreno working in her Studio
Photo © Paulina Hierro
Lym Moreno (Venezuela), currently lives and works in Vienna. She has a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (UNEA), Caracas. Graphic arts and printmaking are her primary interest. Moreno combines a diversity of media and techniques such as collage, drawing, paper assemblage among other print making techniques as wood cut and serigraphy.

Topics of emotionality such as irrationality, love and despair; as well as broader themes like otherness and human condition are present in Moreno's Work. Under the pseudonym »Mosta« she expanded her visual language with the medium painting only in the public space where she constantly experiences different contexts and formats.

Moreno also generates a space of interaction, exchange and understanding of the creative process through her activity as teacher. She runs courses and Workshops for children and adults.

Represented in the U.K. by Love Blood Creative Agency.

Available for projects and illustration commissions.

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In my Work, I seek to connect color, shape and texture in carefree, joyful and spontaneous figures and bodies. By articulating different interactions of these three elements I pursue the production of figurative and abstract images. I usually express the integrative bond between a human psychological behavior of my interest with the environment in which they are more likely to be represented.

Lym Moreno



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